Music Lessons

John is the owner of It's All About Music where he teaches guitar to students of all ages and levels. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT MUSIC is a music school which is just that, all about music. Our teachers are highly educated, professional, and dedicated. This is what they do with a passion, unlike some other schools who have teachers that are not qualified, teach part time for extra income, and music is not their priority. When our teachers are between lessons, they’re working on lesson plans custom designed for each and every student to help them achieve their goals and dreams the fastest, and best possible way. Our teachers love teaching and performing. You can usually find some of our teachers performing around the area in shows and local night hot spots.

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In addition to receiving instruction from some pretty awesome teachers, IT'S ALL ABOUT MUSIC offers the student many additional services which are absolutely FREE. Students can take advantage of our recording studio, both audio and video. The instructor will help the student record themselves and produce a CD which they can give to family and friends, or use it to promote themselves for a career in music. We help the student produce a totally professional CD including the artwork for the cover, and provide duplication services.